Yes it sounds too simple, 3 quick actions per day can really make a big difference to relax your mind. Try it.  Take 3 things out of your space – every day.  Donate, gift, store or give away.

It’s all about de-cluttering. You see, I personally find when my home or work zone gets crowded with too much ‘stuff’ I just don’t feel at peace in my environment (just quietly, I love shopping and may or may not have hording tendencies from waaaay back…).  It’s true that too much ‘stuff’ is not a good thing and can be confusing to the unconscious mind.  Seriously, who doesn’t feel lighter and brighter in a 

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newly cleaned spacious room – love that feeling.  But if you are like me and find yourself  unconsciously adding more and more to your space then it’s time to intervene and de-clutter for your sanity (and perhaps stop shopping at discount stores grabbing the cheap photo frames and nick-knacks…- note to self!).

It was only really when I took out a library book called “the life changing magic of tidying up” by Marie Kondo that I truly identified that the less is more theory feels true to me.  I knew this instinctively by how I feel in a more minimalist type space.  Marie’s book has a specific process she takes you through to de-clutter which you may feel helpful – honestly, I didn’t get that far into the book, but I did get far enough into it to realise the impact ‘stuff’ had on me and I love her idea of grabbing item by item and holding it mindfully and making a conscious choice to keep it if you truly LOVE it, or if you are USING it (more than once a year).  It can feel wasteful taking things away and donating them, but in the long run you will see it can have an enormous impact on how you feel, every day (and not to mention less dusting and cleaning – yay).

I have implemented this in my kids bedrooms too – genius move!

I have told them, every day I will remove 3 things (permanently) from their floor until I am done.  This procedure takes 1 minute per day and I have started with the scrap paper etc. then move on to plastic cr#p.. and over a period of a week, this can make a hug difference – and they know if they truly value something and want to keep it, then they need to respect their things and put them away (and no more trips to the discount stores – or show bags ugghh!).  I don’t do this all of the time, but when the ‘stuff’ starts to pile up then the cycle returns and I let them know it’s 3 things time!

Try it for at least a week and see how you feel.. then let us know!  Or share any other awesome de-cluttering hints and tricks you have up your sleeve so that we all may find peace and harmony in our spaces.

If you feel like you need some extra support to help deal with your stress and relax your mind, then consider booking in for a private consult with your friendly naturopath.

Peace Out. XJen

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