What I Do


I am here to help if you are struggling with stress overwhelm and if you have trouble sleeping. 

My aim is to help you achieve greater balance and harmony in your life by providing tailored herbal medicines and lifestyle support.

My Philosophy

I believe we live in a modern world that can so easily throw our delicate balance of feeling well right out of kilter.

I believe we need to find the right support systems to bring ourselves back from overwhelm to feeling back into control of our lives.

I LOVE herbs.  The healing transformations I have witnessed from herbs has paved my career into using them as my main client supports – because if you get the right blend, they work with little to no side effects, unlike many synthetic medicines.  They can taste unlike any other 5 mls of liquid but as soon as my clients can feel the benefits, their perception soon changes!

As a practitioner (but mostly a woman, wife, mother, daughter, friend…) I am passionate about helping you to find your balance again and feel true calm and wellness – it can take a village and sometimes we just can’t do it alone.  I would love everyone to know, help is out there and it really is possible to use natural interventions with great success in many cases.

My Methods

Consultations take place either in person in my current clinic, via online or phone (if you are not local to Mitchelton, Queensland).

We will talk about what is happening for you and start an immediate action plan with herbal medicines  and talk about any testing that may be insightful for any symptoms you are experiencing. 

We will then discuss a program and timeline for your health plan and get you started on your wellness journey to take back control of your health as we work together.

My Goals

When we work together, I am always sure to provide you with the tools to take back control of your health and wellbeing.  You will receive handouts relevant to you and I will always provide you with suggestions I think may be helpful for your goals.  I will meet you exactly where you are – small steps or diving right in, that’s up to you.

Keep moving forward and you’ll get there in the end and I’ll be there to walk alongside you if you need.



Stress Management Support

Within these 1:1 personal naturopathic appointments I work closely with you supporting your stress & energy levels.

Treatments may include herbs, nutrients and lifestyle counselling helping you find greater energy, restful sleep, better moods and assisting you on the path to wellness.

These sessions will not only aim to help you feel better within yourself but we will also be seeking the root cause of any imbalances that may be within for more permanent changes.

Hair Testing - 500 Products

You don’t have to suffer through life. Let your hair unlock the secrets to a healthier and happier you.

Our extremely popular hair test which looks at your individual bio-compatibility to 500 Foods & Household Items.  This test can be especially for you if you suffer from skin and/or digestive issues.

Our standard Australian test covers a list of items including all food groups, bathroom, laundry, and kitchen products.

Available to clients & non-clients – and pets too!

Contact us by email if you would like to see a sample copy of the included foods & household products, we'd be happy to send it to you.

Book in now to gain access to your full individualised report.

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