Stress Management Consults

Private Consults

Within these 1:1 personal naturopathic appointments I work closely with you supporting your stress & energy levels.

Treatments may include herbs, nutrients and lifestyle counselling helping you find greater energy, restful sleep, better moods and assisting you on the path to wellness.

These sessions will not only aim to help you feel better within yourself but we will also be seeking the root cause of any imbalances that may be within for more permanent changes.

Working Together

When we work together you should expect to initially do some questionnaires so I can get to know you a little better (and save some time in your consult).  These questionnaires give me an opportunity to do any pre-consult research if there are any pre-existing medical conditions or current medications to consider.

When you arrive for your initial consultation, expect to spend around 90 minutes talking about what is happening for you with your health and wellbeing.



When you book in for your initial consultation you may receive one or multiple questionnaires.  There may be personal questions for you to answer about how you are tracking health-wise.

It is important to spend some time when you answer these questions as they will be part of the foundation for your starting point in your health journey with me.

The benefit of these forms are to see where you are at and most importantly to look back on throughout your progression to see how far you have come.


Sometimes our lifestyles may lead to nutrient or hormonal deficiencies or overloads.  If your biochemistry is out of balance, this can be very disruptive for the mind and body and if left unattended, may escalate over time – especially if your diet & lifestyle remains unchanged.

*Common testing recommended in the clinic may include:

  • Nutrient levels                      Zinc, B12, Copper, B6, Iron
  • Hormones                     Estrogen, Progesterone, Testosterone, DHEA, Cortisol
  • Pyrroles (Urinary)
  • HTMA (Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis) – Mineral & Heavy metal testing via hair
  • Hair 500 – Bio-resinance hair testing for 500 food & household items
  • *Any testing is always individual and will depend on your personal circumstances.

Herbs & Supplements

In clinic we recommend the highest quality ‘practitioner only’ products to ensure:

  • You are taking the appropriate form of nutrient / herb– (not all products are created equally, we’ll guide you with this) &
  • You take the appropriate therapeutic dosage and duration based on your circumstances,

Practitioner only products have the highest manufacturing, purity & safety data available on the market.  That is why such products should only be obtainable via prescription from your naturopath or nutritionist after a formal consultation.

As we carry a minimal dispensary, our clients are set up with an online account to purchase your products direct with the supplier.  Your personal prescription is uploaded with them and can accessed any time for your convenience for authorised re-ordering.

Your Commitment

Taking steps to make changes to improve your health can be incredibly rewarding, and challenging.

As we work together you can expect my full support and in return of my full support, you are also expected to take a commitment to your healing journey and if you are finding any part of your treatment challenging, please notify me so we can work out something suitable to your situation and readiness – slower steps still get you there in the end!.

My treatment plans and recommendations are only as effective as the compliance you give.

Remember, “If nothing changes, then nothing changes”.

You’ve got this!

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