Holistic Lifestyle Counselling

What to expect

If you find yourself needing some time to talk about your lifestyle constraints, needing motivational support or need to make sense of your stress and look into your strengths you can utilise, look no further.

Book in with me for a 1 hour session to talk it out with someone who understands how fast life can get out of control and learn about supportive strengths you can access to help you day to day.

Is this you?

Holistic Lifestyle Counselling can be super helpful for you if you are experiencing:

– Busy-ness, non-stop on-the-go lifestyle

– Sabotaging your health goals 

– Inability to get to sleep at night

– Waking up through the night – and can’t get back to sleep (the worst!)

– Anxious thoughts

– Depressive thoughts – and want to avoid pharmaceuticals if possible

– Hormonal headaches

– Hot flushes

– Periodical ‘melt-downs’ feeling overwhelmed with your lifestyle

FAQ for Counselling Sessions

How long is it for?

The sessions are either in person or online and will go for one hour.

This hour is usually enough time to have plenty to think about and process until the next time you need someone to talk to.

What do I do?


Once your session is booked and pre-paid, I will call you at the nominated time or you arrive at the appropriate time at my clinic premises in Mitchelton.

Too easy!


What qualifications does Jenny have?

I undertook a year study of Holistic Counsellling in 2004 at Nature Care College as well as multiple counselling subjects incorporated within my Bachelor of Health Science.

On top of all of that, I am in my final year of a Master of Counelling at QUT and I hope to be offering relationship counselling in 2020 – exciting!

What could I expect?

New perspectives with your situation.

Motivation to move forward in your lifestyle goals.

Stop sabotaging your health goals. 

Awareness of your strengths and resources to manage stressful situations.

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